Please enjoy the following testimonials shared below.  These are only a few, and every session is unique and uplifting.  Trust Divine Timing.

"My Dr & I were talking about you today. It's safe to say I don't use sleep aids anymore! 

Rhonda, Truly,

Thank you for your support"

"Also, I wanted to thank you again for the reading. It was everything I needed to hear, I'm still healing from it, but connecting with you was the best thing I've ever did! I've been wanting to connect with "him" since he passed and your messages were just mind blowing and soooo beautiful.

You told me to ask for specific signs and it's been happening!

When I finally went to go visit his grave for the first time last week, I asked him to show me a spider (even though I hate them) and then one appeared on his grave stone right in front of my eyes. Then just to see if I was making this up in my head, I asked for 2 ants. Low and behold what happened after that? 2 ants showed up. After a minute or two, one of the ants ran into the spider and everyone ran away. It was such a beautiful connection."

"So, half way through the reading... I must say... holy $h!t and like.... Its not often I want to laugh and cry at the exact same time."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! So much! I can’t say it enough! I’m sorry it took a while for me to get back to you, just a lot of emotion. I sent you something from your Amazon wish list and I wish there was more I could do for you.

The reading was so amazing and I was so happy to hear from my brother. One of the craziest things about it was you said you felt like he was on a beach and I was at the beach when I received the reading! He truly is with me at all times and thank you so much for confirming that. I appreciate you immensely.

From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank you enough"

"I am absolutely blown away, appreciative and so so very grateful for your time, communication, openness and gifts.

You were brought into my life for a reason as has everyone I have met in the weeks since .....I am unable to ignore signs and guidance right now because the evidence that I am supported, loved and able to connect is so so undeniable.

Everyday I notice something that makes me smile, everyday I feel lucky, everyday I feel curious about what's to come ...... great things are to come! Thank you so very much once again xx Much love"

"There are not enough words to share my thoughts and appreciation! I felt a positive connection and vibe with Rhonda when I happened upon her on tik tok a couple months ago. I was instantly drawn to this full of energy, beautiful voiced, kind soul.

After a few times watching I knew I had to connect with her. I sent an email and she was pretty quick to respond even when I knew she was very busy. 

We kept missing our time but she always said it'll come when it's supposed to and she was right, this is a tough month for me, so I needed her more now than before!

Last night she did a reading for me and she came up with so many things that fit and made sense and people came through to send me messages, things she would never know unless they told her .

I have a lighter heart even through my great pain, I have hope to hold onto and confirmation of the signs I didn't want to see or felt I couldn't believe in.

She is beyond gifted!

If you're looking for someone, look no further!

She's AH-mazing!! I can't wait until we connect again for more healing.

Love and light

Thank you so much"


What can I say at this point? I’m speechless.

That gift from him was perfectly timed. Divinely timed. Thank you for being that bridge for us and sharing your insights, it brought me a lot of comfort, love, and happy tears. The sign he uses often for me are yellow and orange butterflies, which two of your cards had."

"I'm speechless. It is so complicated. She died before I got to say I'm sorry. She died before I got to hug her. I could list things I miss, forever. I was angry, mostly now because she's dead.

Unlike the love connection we will share.

I hope this makes sense, my Dr. said writing is healthy. I kept your card, by the way.

Again, I am sorry I was cold towards you. Thank you for being so gentle. 

As I was walking away, I kept hearing this voice saying "it is OK".

Rhonda, I am very skeptic of this all, but my Lily she loved it!!  Always open minded & free spirited.

When you walked up beside me I as I stood staring at the floral department. 

I remember what you said "beautiful, eh?"

I smiled, and got goosebumps....then out of nowhere you spoke "I'm hoping this it something you have been needing to hear"

I looked at you with puzzling eyes.

"Excuse me?"

"Ahh, I am assuming you are open to spirit. I communicate with energies. especially with ones that have passed on.  There is a very strong woman connection with you."

"I beg you pardon?"

I exposed my disbelief and your reply  was ......  life altering,

"Lily will always be your favorite, but this flower will do just fine, for mom"

I froze, I couldn't  move.

How did you know? 

seriously, Lily?

See you didn't say flower!  You just said Lily.  And I looked around there were several potted flowers, so that was "weird",

"I beg your pardon?"

Hmmmph, have yourself a good day" I proceeded to walk away.

After aimlessly wandering around for what felt like an eternity, I found myself back to the same spot, and drawn to pick up the same Orchid.

I walked with my head down. Solo focused on "What just happened?"

What I was feeling?

As if straight from a movie plot.  In line, I put my purchase on the belt, I looked up,

And, there you are

You turned around, not surprised to see me, again. Smiling, said you "I understand loss is hard. To grieve deeply is to love deeply".

You handed me your business card, adding in respectfully "No rush, No pressure. When you are ready, Lily is too"

Goosebumps again.

I knew you were 100% legit.

I didn't say anything, I smiled.  I came home and didn't feel as alone. I could feel Lily.

Thank you for helping me feel Lily that day, and always.

I am forever grateful your trusted your instincts that day.  Please Rhonda, continue too!!  The world needs you.

I NEEDED you, I didn't even know you.

I'm still in awe."

" I can actually walk somewhat normal now!! I had to tell myself to slow down & not overdo it"

"When I experience swelling & bruising, it typically lasts for weeks. Whatever it is you do, it is still mind-blowing."


"You're one in a billion. I hope you know that!" 

"I have received more in our 3 healing sessions, then 3 decades of therapy & medicine. 

Rhonda, just Wow."


"In 2017, we had our initial meet. That is a story I share, frequently. The whole experience & even the hand gesture is embedded in my memory.  Thank you again.

Today, I share with you some excitement; of course you predicted!!!

You mentioned in 2017, my daughter & Law (I never told her!!!)  It was not in her sights at that time, no trace. Yet today when she shared her acceptance to the Firm she applied for!  My journal notes were proof of my memory!!! 

As always, bang on!"

"Rhonda, I don't even know where to begin.  The peace, comfort and abundant validations received today from my Mom & Dad.  I still have goosebumps! Thank you doesn't sound like enough.  I will be booking the Zen Den again, very soon."

"You creep me out"

i am open but skeptical and over & over again....you creep me out (in a good way)


J - best testimonial i can give. 

"You changed my life with your belief in me and guidance.  And my most loved ones came to you and impacted me so massively.  Divine love always. Thank you"

"I wouldn't have been if it weren't for the divine guidance & support received over the past year.  I'm so blessed to know you & I am forever & ever grateful for you."