If you really want to know more about my journey ......

At a very young age, I discovered I was tuning in.

I was listening. It was just a tip of the my spiritual iceberg. The portal of the spiritual world was just beginning to open for me.

Blessed with support, unconditional love & the ability to believe. To be ME!! Grateful beyond words to have chosen my parents!  Depending on your beliefs, you choose your family! My parents were beyond supportive. My mom even helped me to keep a journal of what I was experiencing. These pages held personal recordings of my dreams, visions, spiritual visits, thoughts, unknown premonitions, feelings, smells, and all the reflections of what I had "experienced".

Then, the frequency got scattered! 

Within the innocent age of eight, trauma occurred!  

My sacred space had been violated by an unwelcome energy. The connections began to "fade". I was ignoring what I had always embraced. 

I hid away. I stopped listening....

I went; within.


Hiding what I felt, what I sensed, what I heard, what I saw, what I smelled.

I continued to block, ignore. Silence the natural "talents" I had loved embracing.

I silenced the call to help; heal. This silenced my soul, and I idled for years. 

Surviving, not thriving.

But, there is a reason for everything. There is a divine timing. A compass within one's self & the universal's alignment that maintains the course. Helping guide!

In 2011, there was a shift. An eternal shift. The storm that hit, was just a wave.

Then, in 2013. My 33rd year, I truly began listening, I was ready. I was accepting. I was awakening. Alignment was happening, I had be learning, growing, and preparing for NOW.

I will always remember a conversation with my Granddaddy as a little wee one. Many, many years ago he said "We will meet again".  He told me to listen. I would know it was him!!!  We WOULD would share a special password to unlock our ego's, in the future.

He kneeled down and whispered "Hunny Bunny" in my ear.  He has called me that name forever. As long as I can remember!!!  But, when he spoke it that day, it was echoing. As if my future self was at the end of the "tunnel" calling me.

In December 2012, I received an unplanned message from a lovely, soul. She was deep within practicing her spiritual gift. She had a password for me!  I looked at her, confused?! Then when those two, simple; five letter words left her lips! "Hunny Bunny"

An energy field crashed into me, it was WOW! 

It was such a rush.



I WAS TALKING faster than I could think!





It was as if, my ego was at a pinnacle point. A changing of the tides! I felt it.

The next morning, when I woke....the beach was completely different

I had a few dreams recorded in my journal. This moment. This experience. Reignited an internal flame! The ear plugs were removed. The spark that had been dormant all these earthly years, was now awakened! 


HUNNY BUNNY was reborn.


Hi Granddaddy!!!! I'm listening now!

"Embracing the spirit world is more of a walk on the beach. As the tide comes in. Your feet get a little closer to the sea. Before you know it, you’re in knee's deep!"

It happened. 


And, I love!!!  Love listening, I LOVE being a vessel in the spiritual sea. 


Divine timing & heart break.

Current environment & acceptance.

Embrace Today! 

Let GO of yesterday! 

Be open for tomorrow!

To feel deep and to grieve deep. Is to LOVE deep.


Embrace You!  


A number of Soul's important to my heart in this life are with wings.

In 2013, two loved ones; very close to my mind, heart, body and soul. Graduated from this plain. They gained their wings, without warning. Tragically, within two short months of each other. They were "gone", as I knew it! Or as I was open to receiving.

It was impossible to ignore the signs.  The signs were so strong. The angelic presence. The messages. I was NOT alone. It was mind blowing.  I just needed to believe.

How could I not believe?

I am blessed to have been trusted & accepted, delivering 2500+ sessions. In person & online. I am grateful beyond words to be a vessel, that is trusted by you and your loved ones.

As an apprentice, learning from Spirit; the True Guru. These messages come in many different ways. Each connection IS beautiful & magical. 

I am honoured with the acceptance of helping other's heal. Souls, just like you. Living your journey. Embracing what is needed. Gaining peace, comfort and joy in this adventure called LIFE. 

As a Spiritual Apprentice; supported by Spirit, yourself and the universal collective as a whole. I am over flowing with Gratitude. I also I accept gifts. This is a confirmation of an energy, exchanged. I feel that no one should go without a message, guidance or help, because of a particular price tag being unreachable. Help is priceless, but so IS your acceptance. Let's connect. Spirit is, where Spirit needs to be! 


I have many options of healing sessions available; Love, Mediumship, Reiki II, Crystal healing, Past Lives, Career, Guidance, Soul's map, Spiritual nutrition and so much more. I'm listening. You have the power to propel yourself to the person who have always, known and envisioned YOU to be. 

Love & Light, Sweet Soul.

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